Jyotsna Singh

Jyotsna Singh
To gain a deeper understanding of early childhood education and contribute meaningfully to her community, Jyotsna Singh pursued a Bachelor of Education (ECE) through NZTC.

Jyotsna Singh teaching a young learner

Name: Jyotsna Singh
NZTC Qualification: Bachelor of Education (ECE)

What inspired you to pursue your early childhood education studies with NZTC?
As I began to work towards raising my children with more productive aims, I realised no one had the answers to why there was a difference in learning patterns, reactions, or choices. Many school counsellors, teachers and others were as clueless as I was. I needed to do something to help mothers and children. NZTC came to my rescue during my hunt for courses that could be done from home, had a detailed curriculum and research supported program structure, and was affordable.  

How did NZTC and the India office support you during your studies?
I had a lecturer who not only helped me to understand the course requirements, but also supported my learning by always answering my never-ending questions. The initial orientation also helped a great deal.

What was the biggest challenge you faced during your studies?
It was referencing, but the course was well laid out and the requirements were clear. Not being used to a pattern of writing can be challenging but there is always room to learn.

How did you find studying online?
Being ICT (information and communications technology) conversant I found it easy. The NZTC Online homepage, assignment submission and formatting was user friendly and with least complications.

What did you enjoy the most about the Bachelor of Education (ECE) program?
The course I did had a wide range of literature access, and required exploring various perspectives. I couldn’t have asked for more, as it ended with a research proposal. This assignment marked the final reason behind doing the course itself.

How has the Bachelor of Education (ECE) benefited you in your everyday work?
I have my own little setup where children are supported and taught beyond differences. I am in a position to teach in a manner that my community has never seen. This has earned me respect beyond my previous corporate roles in banking. I owe it to NZTC. If not for all the literature and guidance, I wouldn’t be doing any good for my children or my community.