Helen Sharrock

Helen Sharrock
The desire to further her knowledge of leadership in support of her role as a principal led Helen Sharrock to pursue a postgraduate qualification through NZTC India.

Helen Sharrock

Name: Helen Sharrock
NZTC Qualification: Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Leadership and Management)

How did you come to live and work in India?
I have been working on the international school circuit since 1993. First in Europe and then, in 1999, I moved to Asia to Bangladesh. After nine years in Bangladesh I was given the opportunity to move to India to start a new three-program International Baccalaureate (IB) World School as the Primary Principal/Deputy Director. Six years later I was looking for a new challenge and I moved to Mercedes-Benz International School in Pune, India, in August 2014.

What inspired you to pursue the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Leadership and Management)?
I wished to get back into formal studies again and NZTC’s leadership certificate proved to be a good option to do this. It is relevant to my role as a leader and, given all the recent changes in leadership theory and the bank of research available, it seemed an ideal match for me.

Why did you choose to study with NZTC?
I was made aware of NZTC India when they sent information on teacher qualification and Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) courses for me to look at for my staff. The information was clear and the office was very good at responding to questions in a timely manner. I then decided to inquire about the postgraduate options, in particular in relation to leadership.

How has your online study experience been?
It has been a rewarding experience; there is a lot of work to complete if you are working full-time and taking two courses simultaneously, but it is manageable!

Which courses have you enjoyed the most?
I took two courses and I enjoyed both equally. I found the Effective Early Childhood Manager course helped me to connect once again with my early years training and look in more depth at the New Zealand curriculum, which has some wonderful early years principles and practices. The more general leadership course, Authentic Leadership, was very interesting and I enjoyed reading, discussing and researching more about the styles of leadership and reflecting on how these influence the school culture and individuals.

What support did you receive from the college during your studies?
Regular feedback and thought-provoking questions from the weekly discussion groups, and support from lecturers on the structure of my essay.

What do you most enjoy about working in early childhood education?
My role is not limited to early childhood education – I am the principal for Nursery to Grade 5 (ages 3 to 11). I do enjoy the early years area as it is critical that students have a positive start to their school career. I particularly enjoy the role of inquiry and exploration through play; here we see the eagerness of students to learn and explore and we see great gains in all their areas of development – social and academic.