Amrita Rajpal & Faridah Bawani

Amrita Rajpal & Faridah Bawani
ECE entrepreneurs Amrita Rajpal and Faridah Bawani wanted to update their knowledge to best meet the needs of the sector in India.

Faridah Bawani and Amrita Rajpal

Names: Amrita Rajpal and Faridah Bawani
NZTC Qualification: Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Early Childhood Education)

What started out as a friendship between early childhood teachers Amrita Rajpal and Faridah Bawani developed into a business partnership supporting high-quality early childhood education in India.

“We worked together for a few years in a large preschool chain and became good friends. Our coffee conversations led to us becoming aware there were many diverse perspectives on how children should be taught,” Amrita said.

After extensive research into the needs of the early childhood sector, their company Chrysaellect was born – an organisation that offers research based products and services that promote authentic learning opportunities relevant to 21st century learners.

“We dissected all the knowledge we had and did a lot of courses to broaden our learning. We decided that we wanted to transform and empower the preschool education sector and impact the quality of education children receive. This was the genesis of Chrysaellect,” explained Faridah.

“We seek to make an impact in the preschool education landscape by providing authentic and unique curriculums, teacher development programs, school set-up and franchising solutions. We collaborate with teachers, parents and education entrepreneurs to ensure that children across geographic, socio and economic backgrounds find learning at school engaging, meaningful and fun.”

Having worked in the sector for many years, Amrita and Faridah wanted to update their existing knowledge and skills, and decided to enrol to study NZTC’s Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Early Childhood Education) program.

“We shopped around for courses that would give us a different perspective to what we already knew. After considering a lot of options, the NZTC syllabus appealed to us because it offered a paradigm shift in our knowledge,” Amrita said.

“After studying with NZTC the lens that we looked through and acted on has been altered. All the new understanding that we have acquired has been applied in our teacher training workshops and curriculum programs that we provide to preschools.”

The dynamic duo hope to continue their education journey by pursuing a Master’s qualification with the college.